Best Penny Auctions in Canada

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Welcome to Best Penny Auction Sites, your 2018 online resource to all of Canada’s best (and worst) Penny Auction Websites! As time has passed, many of the major US and International penny auction websites have opened-up to Canadian bidders. We’ve dedicated this website to outlining everything you need to know as a Canadian penny auction bidders.

So what are the best penny auction websites in 2018 in Canada? View below as we’ve ranked penny auction website based on their features, competition, reputation and more.


Rankings #1 (Canadian Winner!) #2 #3
Penny Auction
Overall Rating
Feature Overview Very established, lots of auctions, a bit competitive, badges (free bids), games, very good buy it now policy. Just began accepting bidders in Canada! Fair auctions, fast shipping, established in the USA for years. Bids are free and almost anyone can auction items here. A unique spin on the traditional penny auction website in Canada.
Beginner Auctions
Buy-It Auctions
Free Sign-Up Bids
Guaranteed 1st Win
Shipping Cost Free Free Paid
BBB Rating A (under review) Unknown Unknown
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What Exactly is a Penny Auction?

A Canadian penny auction website is a form of online auction where bidders compete with one-another to win merchandise in no-reserve auctions. Most of the time, Canadian penny auctions require bidders to purchase bids to participate. That right, you have to actually pay each time you bid on a penny auction! So why would any sane person choose to pay-to-bid in a penny auctions when there are perfectly good free auctions on eBay and other regular auction websites? Simple- penny auctions are usually no-reserve and typically sell for less than 10-30% of the merchandise value. The auction websites can afford this model because they make most of their money when they sell you bids!

Which Penny Auctions Operate in (or ship to) Canada?

In our research, we’ve found that there are a few choices for penny auction bidding in Canada. Despite the many penny auction choices, there are very few penny auctions that actually operate in Canada. Many of the penny auctions which allow Canadian bidders actually operate in the USA. The major penny auction websites operating in Canada include:

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