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beezidIf any penny auction embraces the Canadian penny auction experience, it must be Beezid. Beezid opened its doors to penny auction bidders back in 2009 and is still run out of Canada today. Beezid is an all-around fun penny auction website which has tons of fun promotions and the auction experience is smooth and well-thought through.

Beezid’s Canada Penny Auctions

Beezid offers about the same selection of penny auctions to Canadians as to bidders in the USA. While they are not as big as Quibids, the do offer a good variety of products as do HappyBidDay and other mid-sized penny auction who are operating in Canada. Some common Canadian auction items which we see on Beezid include:

  • Lots of gift and gas cards
  • Different types of digital cameras (SLRs, lenses, pointand-click)
  • Sporting goods, camping equipment, knives, lanterns
  • Home goods, tools, kitchen appliances/accessories
  • DHTVs, 3D TV’s
  • Movies and games
  • Tablets including iPads, Kindles
  • Make-up, jewelry

We estimate that Beezid runs close to 1,000 auctions per day which is less than Quibids and DealDash but more than HappyBidDay and BidCactus.

Auction Bidding on

Thinking of joining Beezid? Here are a few things you should know:

  1. New members get hooked-up with 50 free bids, no coupon required.
  2. Always bid on Cherry auctions as a new user. Cherry auctions are only available to those who have not yet won an auction so competition is really low!
  3. Almost every auction is a Buy It auction where, if you lose, you can get 1005 of your bids back if you purchase the auction item at the listed price.
  4. The ‘Remind’ feature is useful. If the item you want is not currently up for auction, set up an email reminder to let you know when it is. Don’t waste your bids on products that you don’t really want!
  5. Definitely become a facebook fan of theirs so you can take part in contests and bid discounts once you’re a member.
  6. Look out for free shipping auctions (Canada) which are sprinkled throughout the auction line-up.

Beezid Shipping to Canada

Does Beezid ship to Canada? Yeeeuuup! In fact, Beezid’s Canadian shipping prices are the same shipping to the USA. to figure out what the shipping fees for Canada are, simply scroll to the bottom of each auction page. Beezid doesn’t have the cheapest shipping fees we’ve ever seen, but they are not the most expensive either.


In a country with so few good options for penny auction bidding, we think Beezid is a good option.

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Are you a Canadian who bids on Beezid? Please comment below.

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