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Disclosure: We are compensated in some cases for promoting advertisers on this website. To view our review and advertising policy, click here. is a Connecticut-based penny auction website who opened it’s door to Canada earlier than most others (October, 2010). In true Canadian-style, BidCactus announced its entry into the Canada penny auction market by auctioning a hand-signed Wayne Gretzky hockey puck! BidCactus is similar in size to HappyBidDay, being a medium-sized penny auction. Also like HappyBidDay, BidCactus has earned a name for itself as a fairly reputable penny auction website.

Which Products are Auctioned in Canada?

BidCactus, like Quibids, auctions the same products in Canada as they do in the USA (for the most part). The obvious exceptions are gift cards which don’t apply to Canadians!

  • iPads, iPods, Kindles and other tablets
  • Bid packages (lots of these)
  • Recreational goods (camping, golf, coolers, hunting knives and others)
  • SLR and smaller digital cameras
  • Video games
  • Laptop computers (a few different brands)
  • Home goods such as coffee makers, coolers,
  • A wide variety of Canadian gift cards

We estimate that BidCactus runs a few hundred penny auctions each day, similar to HappyBidDay but not as many as Quibids.

BidCactus Bidding for Beginner Canadian Bidders is great for beginner bidders from Canada. Here’s why- BidCactus offers 2 different types of beginner auctions. The first is called First Timer Auctions and as you may guess, this type of penny auction is only for bidders who have never won. In other words, the competition is so low that you will win if you try a few! The downside, the auction items aren’t great but at least you get a win under your belt!

The second penny auction for beginners on BidCactus is aptly-named Beginner Actions. Beginner auctions are a great next-step once you’ve won your First Timer Auction as these auctions are reserved only to bidders with fewer than 5 penny auction wins (this number changes from time-to-time).

Take advantage of both of these auction types when you sign-up.

BidCactus Shipping to Canada

BidCactus ships to Canada (of course) and charges a bit more than their US shipping because everything (at this time) seems to ship from the USA. At the bottom of each auction page, you can see Canadian shipping costs. We recommend that you check the shipping costs on auction items before bidding because some are a bit steep (others are well within the norm).


What we like about in Canada

BidCactus offers reasonable penny auction competition and is great for beginners because they have so many auctions which block-out the power bidders. The product selection is pretty good and the auction volume is good as well.

One final note: BidCactus has one of the better Buy It auction policies (similar to Quibids). Instead of just refunding your bids if you purchase a lost auction, they actually apply the bid value toward the final purchase price. We think this is a great way to add value to the customer.

Sign up for BidCactus. They are currently giving free bids with your first bid pack purchase.

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