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Here at, we usually focus on Canadian penny auction websites (or at least those who deliver to Canada). In this post, we’re going to quickly compare paid verse free auctions websites and provide examples of each. As always, we appreciate your comments and experiences on the topic if you feel the urge to share.

Comparing Free + Paid Bidding Websites

Advantages of Free Bidding Websites

Compared to penny auctions, or pay-to-bid auction websites, free bidding websites offer a few advantages.

  • Bidding risk is gone: Losing a free to bid auction costs you nothing more than your own time. In penny auction bidding, you’d still have lost the value of your bids if you lost.
  • Competition eases: When point #1 is removed (bidding risk), bidders are less likely to bid aggressively as they have less to loose if the auction is getting out of control.

Disadvantages of Free Bidding Websites

The other site of the coin is this:

  • Auctions sell higher: Since there is no profit to be made on bids (as there would be in a penny auction), Canadian free bidding website auctions tend to close higher as sellers will not let items go at 80% off (which is not uncommon in the penny auction world).

Examples of Free Bidding Websites in Canada

There are a number of auction website which do NOT charge for bids in Canada.

TopHatter is a free-to-bid auction website which ships to Canada. Top Hatter both auctions its own items, and those of others who sign up to auction items.


Ebay is another example of a website who only charges if you win an auction. No bid purchase necessary.

Have you bid on any free bidding Canadian websites? Please comment below!

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