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happybidda-homepageHappyBidDay is a USA-based penny auction (operating since 2010) which finally  opened up to Canadian bidders in July, 2013. HappyBidDay.com is one of those penny auctions which never got too big but has been established and operating reputably (see their BBB rating) for years now.

Which Products Does HappyBidDay.com Offer?

HappyBidDay is big enough to offer a pretty good selection of products. We regularly see the following types of items:

  • Tablets: iPads, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire, etc.
  • Laptops: Acer, Samsung Chromebook
  • Gift cards: Gas cards, restaurants, lots of Amazon.com cards
  • Home goods: Blenders, knives, vacuums, pots and pans, etc.
  • Video games: PS3, xBox, Playstation, etc.
  • Recreation: Telescopes, tents, toys, etc.

HappyBidDay is a medium-sized penny auction so you won’t see as many auction (or competition) as Quibids or DealDash, but you’ll still see plenty of variety to find something that you like. We estimate that HappyBidDay hosts a couple hundred daily auctions.

HappyBidDay Bids
HappyBidDay offers 2 kinds of bids. First, there are Happy Bids. Happy bids are basically free bids which are earned by members by:

  • Logging-in each day
  • Having a birthday
  • Periodic promotions

Happy Bids can only be used in Happy Auctions which mostly include low-cost items and bid packages. For the most part, we use Happy Bids to acquire ‘real’ Penny Auction Bids for their regular penny auctions. In general, winning bids in a Happy Auction is 1/2 or 1/3 of the price compared to paying retail.

The second type of bids at HappyBidDay is Penny Auction Bids. These bids start at about 60 cents each, although buying in quantity saves you quite a bit of money. Penny Auction Bids can be used in any of HappyBidDay’s regular auctions.

Aside from these two types of auctions, HappyBidDay also has several auction features to be aware of. Here’s a screenshot taken from their website which does a good job of explaining them all.


3 Tips for Canadians Bidding on HappyBidDay

  1. As a new bidder to HappyBidDay, look for and bid on their Starter Auctions (look for the green Star symbol shown above). These auctions are reserved for bidders with few wins (less than 5) so the competition is really low. The items which they put up in these penny auctions are typically lower-priced but it’s still good for scoring a few good deals.
  2. Stick with the cheaper auctions- On HappyBidDay, iPads and other high-end penny auctions can go on for more than a day! The lower value gift cards, electronics, home goods, etc. are much less competitive. Really, we have this same recommendation for all penny auction websites
  3. Buy enough bids to win- On HappyBidDay (and all penny auctions), it’s tough to win if you go cheap on the bid package. It takes a couple hundred bids to really get used to the site and to win a few items. When you sign-up, choose the middle or high bid package and it also comes with a 24-hour bottomless bid deal where they basically give you unlimited bids for 24 hours.

What we don’t like about HappyBidDay

HappyBidDay has as fair of competition as any other penny auction. As we mentioned, high-end products are hard to win no matter where you go. The main thing we don’t like about HappyBidDay is that we feel their shipping fees are a bit high. Of course, this is only an issue if you win! We recommend checking the shipping/processing fees of any actions before bidding (scroll down to the bottom of the page). One positive thing that we can say about HappyBidDay’s shipping is that it is faster than most of the other penny auctions (no waiting weeks for your winnings to arrive).

When it comes to shipping to Canada, HappyBidDay has a slightly higher cost because they are US-based and ship from there. However, the mark-up for Canadian shipping is about what we’d expect from any company who’s shipping from the USA.

Bidding on HappyBidDay.com

HappyBidDay has opened all auctions to Canadian bidders. While some gift cards and other items are location specific, most products are being bid on by bidders from the USA and Canada simultaneously. If you think you want to try HappyBidDay, use coupon code CANADA to save 20%-40% (depending on the bid package you choose) on your first purchase. This code only works the same day you sign-up.

Once you’ve purchase bids, we’d strongly recommend bidding on their Starter Auctions (look for the green star symbol). There are usually not too many of these at any one time but the competition is so low that we think it’s worth the wait (we had no problem winning a few Starter Auctions when we joined). Do not, I repeat, do not jump-in and try to win an iPad, laptop or other high-end item. You will waste your money. Get a few wins in the Starter and other lower-price item auctions before going for the big prize.

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