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Free Bidding Sites in Canada

Here at, we usually focus on Canadian penny auction websites (or at least those who deliver to Canada). In this post, we're going to quickly compare paid verse free auctions websites and provide examples of each. As always, we appreciate your comments and experiences on the topic if you feel the urge to share. [...]

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How Do Penny Auctions Make Money?

Since the advent of eBay, online auctions have become a familiar form of shopping. You find an item you want, you place your online bid or series of bids, and then hope you emerge as the highest bidder once the auction has ended. In the last few years, penny auctions have grown in popularity. However, [...]

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Why You Need Free Bids (And Where To Get Them)

One of the most common criticisms people make about penny auctions is the fact that, strictly speaking, they aren't really penny auctions. While each bid you place only drives the auction price up by one penny, you can't place any bids without buying them first. And the bids themselves cost a lot more than a [...]

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Beginner’s Guide: A Few Tips

You've seen the ads: movies for 10 cents... Blu-ray players for 5 dollars... iPads for 20 bucks. Penny auctions may seem too good to be true, but those savings are real if you know how to get them. Today we're going to show you how. Great! So where to begin? Well the first piece of [...]

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Best Penny Auctions for Shipping to Canada

On this blog, we've outlined a number of penny auctions who ship Canada. Some of the listed penny auctions have offices in and ship from Canada while others ship solely from the USA or other countries. Below, we've compiled details on each major Canadian penny auction and their shipping policies. You'll notice that some of [...]

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Beezid Review – Canada

If any penny auction embraces the Canadian penny auction experience, it must be Beezid. Beezid opened its doors to penny auction bidders back in 2009 and is still run out of Canada today. Beezid is an all-around fun penny auction website which has tons of fun promotions and the auction experience is smooth and well-thought [...]

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Quibids Review – Canada

Quibids is one of the largest penny auction websites whose home base is in Oklahoma City, OK. has opened up auction bidding to bidders in many countries, including Canada in July of 2012. Despite their size, Quibids has been able to maintain an A rating with the Better Business Bureau in the USA. Which [...]

2017-10-24T13:52:43+00:00 July 8th, 2013|Penny Auction Reviews| Review – Canada is a Connecticut-based penny auction website who opened it's door to Canada earlier than most others (October, 2010). In true Canadian-style, BidCactus announced its entry into the Canada penny auction market by auctioning a hand-signed Wayne Gretzky hockey puck! BidCactus is similar in size to HappyBidDay, being a medium-sized penny auction. Also like HappyBidDay, [...]

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HappyBidDay is a USA-based penny auction (operating since 2010) which finally  opened up to Canadian bidders in July, 2013. is one of those penny auctions which never got too big but has been established and operating reputably (see their BBB rating) for years now. Which Products Does Offer? HappyBidDay is big enough to [...]

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