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quibids-homepageQuibids is one of the largest penny auction websites whose home base is in Oklahoma City, OK. Quibids.com has opened up auction bidding to bidders in many countries, including Canada in July of 2012. Despite their size, Quibids has been able to maintain an A rating with the Better Business Bureau in the USA.

Which Products are Offered by Quibids in Canada?

On Quibids, Canadian bidders and US bidders bid on the same auctions. That is, there aren’t any separate auctions for each country. Due the large user base, Quibids is able to offer a huge selection of penny auctions. On a typical bidding day, here’s what we see:

  • Smartphones: iPhones, Sony Samsung, HTC, accessories for tablets, etc.
  • Tablets: iPads, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fires, accessories for tablets
  • Toys: Kids toys, gadgets, etc.
  • Gift cards: Gas cards, restaurants, clothing stores, etc.
  • Bid packages
  • Camping gear
  • Small home appliances including blenders, kitchen goods and more

It’s our estimate that Quibids is hosting over 1,000 auction each day, quite a bit more than small sites like HappyBidDay and BidCactus. However, with a hefty TV and marketing budget, the competition can be fierce.

Different Types of Quibids Bids

Quibids has two types of bids- Regular Bids and Voucher Bids. Regular Bids are just what they sound like- bids which can must be bought and used on Quibids Penny Auctions. In general, Quibids offers no deals on Regular Bids- they are always $.60.

Voucher bids can be won or acquired on Quibids by playing games, winning auctions and getting Badges (more on this later). There’s a catch with Voucher bids though- they expire. That’s right, Voucher Bids must be used before the set expiration date or you lose them! Our advice- use them before you lose them and you’ll never have to worry about it! There are very few ways to earn/get free bids on Quibids:

  • Quibids Games: Games are a feature unique to Quibids that we don’t see on other penny auction websites. Quibids is capitalizing the on popularity of online and mobile gaming by offering a number of free to participate games which users can play to earn bids for their penny auctions. We’ve played Quibids games before and find that they are pretty effective at driving us back to the site which is probably their intention! Playing games can earn bidders Voucher Bids for penny actions.
  • Quibids Badges: Badges are a Quibids gimmick meant to entire bidders to bid more and come back to the site. A badge is basically a virtual reward for doing things like bidding on auctions, winning auctions, being a good customer, etc. Each time a badge is rewarded, it’s usually accompanied by free Voucher Bids which can and must be used in the penny auctions before they expire.

Quibids Shipping to Canada

Guess what Canada? Quibids ships almost items to Canada, from Canada and for free just like in the USA. This is one of our favorite things about Quibids on the whole.

Bidding on Quibids

Quibids has opened almost auctions up to bidding for Canadians. When signing-up, you’ll have a couple opportunities to each free bids for doing things like sharing Quibids with friends and for subscribing to the Quibids email newsletter. As with all the other penny auctions, we strongly recommend that you get started on Quibids by bidding on some cheap items. Even though there are tons of auctions, there are also tons of members to bid against and the cheaper items have much less demand.

Click here to try Quibids Canadian Penny Auctions.

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